Europadonna Malta supports breast cancer research

Europadonna Malta supports breast cancer research
February 2022 Vanessa Attard

Members of local NGO Europa Donna Malta, paid a visit to the cancer research labs at the University of Malta and met Dr. Istvan Mifsud, who is currently reading for his PhD in breast cancer research thanks to a scholarship that the NGO is financing through the RIDT.

Ms Gertrude Abela, President of Europa Donna Malta was accompanied by committee member Ms Anna Zammit Demajo and member Ms Linda Fryer. During the visit Dr Istvan Mifsud gave an overview of his studies, which are focusing on identifying biomarkers associated with early metastatic breast cancer.

Prof. Godfrey Grech from the department of physiology and biochemistry of the University of Malta, and supervisor of this PhD, welcomed the Europa Donna delegation and gave them an update of the departments endeavours in cancer research. Mr Wilfred Kenely, CEO of the RIDT coordinated the visit and accompanied the delegation.

‘On behalf of Europa Donna Malta I would like to say how happy we are to support Breast Cancer Research through PhD graduate Dr Istvan Mifsud because his studies will provide us with evidence that can help back arguments to change policies and lead to new, evidence-based practices.’ – Ms Gertrude Abela – President, Europa Donna Malta