Our Supporters

Since its setting up in 2011, the RIDT has received the generous support of the following entities and individuals, to which we are extremely grateful:

Public Institutions

  • Public Broadcasting Services Ltd


  • Mr José L. Ribera
  • Ms Christine Zerafa
  • Mr Philip Attard
  • Prof. David Attard
  • Dr. Paul Sant Cassia
  • Prof. Juanito Camilleri
  • Mr Joseph Bonello
  • Dr. John Betts
  • Ms Lucienne Gatt
  • Mr & Mrs Joseph Attard
  • Staff – Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Dr Alessio Magro
  • Dr Jackson Said
  • Prof. Mary Durfee
  • Mr Peter Griffiths
  • Mrs Janatha Stubbs
  • Dr. Nicholas Sammut

Together with other numerous individuals who have contributed to our cause through various schemes and initiatives over the years. We are also grateful to other supporters who have made it known to us that they wished to remain anonymous.