A pandemic-inspired art exhibition

A pandemic-inspired art exhibition
March 2022 cyber

In December 2021, Malta Enterprise, as the government’s agency for investments and economic development, organised an art exhibition with proceeds in aid of the RIDT.

The exhibition, named The Pandemic, Survival, Art and New Action brought together 44 artists who collectively exhibited over a hundred pieces of art, including paintings, sculptures and photographic work. Curated by Pamela Baldacchino, the exhibition was divided into two categories: a physical display in the foyer of Malta Enterprise exhibiting 71 pieces of art, while another 32 pieces were displayed in an online gallery.

The exhibition focused on life during the COVID-19 pandemic and how individuals, including artists, coped with the new challenges and new fears it brought.

Speaking at the opening of the fundraising exhibition, the Chairman of Malta Enterprise Mr William Wait highlighted that while staff at Malta Enterprise were snowed under due to the pandemic’s unprecedented pressures and challenges, they rose to the occasion and provided their clients with continuous support. He also commended Malta Enterprise staff for organising this exhibition in support of another entity – the RIDT.