The Four Seasons for Brain research

The Four Seasons for Brain research
February 2016 RIDT

Next month, on Easter Sunday 27th March, RIDT will be presenting Vivaldi’s famous violin concertos The Four Seasons in aid of brain research, featuring internationally acclaimed violinist Carmine Lauri under the direction of Michael Laus. RIDT CEO Wilfred Kenely speaks about the relationship between art and fundraising for research. (This article featured in First Magazine, February 2016)

Wilfred KenelySome months ago, researchers and academics from a number of departments and faculties of the University of Malta set up the Malta Neuroscience Network. This includes scientists working in pathology, anatomy, clinical medicine, psychology, ICT, cognitive science and other areas related to brain activity. These people are conducting research in their respective area of brain study. Some of the research covers more than one area, thus cutting across multiple departments and faculties.

The brain is perhaps the most complex machine that we can find in the entire world, and scientists all over the world have always been keen to decipher how it works. Science has come a long way in this regard and today we know much more than, say, 50 years ago, but there is still a lot that we don’t know and that’s why we need to keep investing in research.

Between the 14 and 20 March, the Malta Neuroscience Network joins the international community to celebrate the Brain Awareness WeekTogether with the other activities to be held during this week, RIDT is organising this concert as part of the awareness raising for brain research.

We believe that in order to promote top-notch science and research we should have top-
notch events and so we asked two internationally acclaimed artists – violinist Carmine Lauri and conductor Michael Laus – to support our event and are very honoured that they obliged. The performance will be supported by a 14-piece string ensemble that is also made up of some of the best musicians currently based in Malta.

Through this fund raising event we would like to Poster 4 seasons Carmine Laurigive people the opportunity to enjoy a lovely evening of the beautiful music of The Four Seasons performed by some of our best talent, and at the same time contributing to our cause. I believe this is a win-win opportunity.

This concert is supported by APS Banks and the ADRC Foundation. They have given their financial support through which we can cover all our organisational expenses, making it possible for all our proceeds to go towards our goal. We also received the support of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, who is providing the harpsichord to be used in the concert together with logistical support.

The RIDT is continuously reaching out to attract more and more funding for research. We would like to reach a stage where all sectors – industry NGO’s and individuals – will consider supporting research when considering making a philanthropic contribution. Similarly, we would like to see more and more companies include support for research in their CSR programmes.

There is no arguing about the fact that we, as a country, are always ready to support a good cause. The RIDT strongly believes that university research deserves to be considered as another good cause that merits our support. What lies ahead is not for the RIDT but for the whole nation. An investment in research is an investment in our future.

Booking for The Four Seasons is open. Tickets are available from St James Cavalier tel: 21223216 or online by clicking here.



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