Cancer Research Projects made possible by the ALIVE Charity Foundation

Contributions from the ALIVE Charity Foundation totalling €314,818 became the financial springboard for six potentially life-changing cancer research projects launched in Malta throughout 2019.

Cancer research in Malta took a significant step forward in 2019 thanks to the generous support of the ALIVE Charity Foundation.

Following a call by the Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) at the University of Malta in November 2018, six vital cancer research projects were launched throughout 2019. These projects were made possible by multiple donations over previous years from the ALIVE Charity Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is the first local charity foundation to raise public funds with the specific aim of investing in medical research in Malta.

Although the call by RIDT, which was open to any Resident Academic of the University of Malta, initially sought proposals for cancer research projects to benefit from a total fund of €240,000, the extremely high standard of the applications received in response inspired further consideration. Of the 21 applications received before the call’s closing date, six projects were selected in early 2019 following a process of assessment by an external team of expert evaluators – while discussions with the ALIVE Charity Foundation led to the final amount to be dispersed being raised to €314,818.

Each of the six projects selected had to have a duration of no more than 36 months and were awarded a maximum of €60,000 to launch, with a limit of one grant per project under this specific call. The amount awarded to each project took into consideration the relevance of the work proposed and the quality of work anticipated.

The research that took place in 2019 on these six projects has explored new and innovative avenues regarding the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of cancers such as colorectal cancer, chronic myeloid leukaemia, skin cancer, breast cancer, and those related to the central nervous system. 

The grants made possible by the ALIVE Charity Foundation have thereby supported research that may yet reduce the incidence of cancer, improve cancer survival rates, and boost the quality of life of cancer patients across the globe.