University of Malta receives revolutionary high end equipment donation

University of Malta receives revolutionary high end equipment donation
May 2016 RIDT

University of Malta has received a donation of revolutionary high end equipment which will enhance the study of the Stroke Research Group at the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry. The new equipment, a fully automated EVOS®FL Auto Imaging System, has been donated by E.J. Busuttil Limited of B’Kara, one of the leading distributors of healthcare and laboratory products, and facilitated through the University’s Research Trust (RIDT).

The EVOS®FL Auto Imaging System has been developed for advanced automated imaging applications, such as time-lapse imaging, multiwell (or multiwall?) plate scanning, image stitching and tiling, and cell counting. It comes complete with an onboard computer, innovative LED light source, filters and an array of objectives that have been selected to meet the Stroke Research Group requirements.

Professor Mario Valentino, Head of the University of Malta’s Stroke Research Group, said that this important tool will allow researchers to eliminate the complexities of high-end microscopy while maintaining the highest levels of performance. He said: “This is a significant donation and we are extremely appreciative of our collaboration with E.J. Busuttil Ltd. This tool will provide us with high-quality imaging, easier than ever before. The ground-breaking design with integrated hardware/software, no bulbs, no alignment, no on-going costs or maintenance, will be very beneficial to our research team who is working on a very tight budget.”

Mr Edwin Busuttil, Managing Director at E.J. Busuttil Ltd, said: “As one of the leading distributors of healthcare and laboratory equipment, we are committed towards improving the quality of life of our community. Being of great assistance to the University of Malta, in its mission on stroke research, is another practical way how we can help.” The instrument has been shipped directly from the manufacturers and installed by a representative service engineer.

Wilfred Kenely, Chief Executive of RIDT, said: “A gift, such as this one, is paramount to the University’s ability to be at the cutting-edge. We are very grateful to E.J. Busuttil Ltd for their equipment donation and to partnering with the University’s Research Trust.”