Making Memories

Making Memories
March 2023 Claudette Buttigieg



RIDT is proud to announce a new fund-raising campaign called Making Memories. For this campaign, RIDT has teamed up with a number of wedding service providers to support research in Alzheimer’s Disease, which causes dementia.

Couples getting married are invited to donate money for this worthy cause. In return, RIDT will provide them with personalized bookmarks to distribute to their guests who will also be encouraged to donate further through the QR code link on the bookmarks.

Elia Caterers are setting the standard of this collaboration by being the first to offer their support towards the success of the Making Memories campaign. Elia have generously included RIDT in their beautiful weddings brochure by promoting Making Memories.

While thanking Elia Caterers, RIDT would like to encourage others to follow their example.

For further details please email us on or call on 2340 8201/2