Science of Love – Malta Cafe Scientifique at Evenings on Campus

Science of Love – Malta Cafe Scientifique at Evenings on Campus
July 2016 RIDT

There are several forms of love, different states of being and relationships. Each person has different perspectives and opinions on this topic. Scientists have also tried to find out how people are attracted to each other and what changes love has on us.

To celebrate this topic, Malta Cafe Scientifique will be exploring these ideas with a panel of experts at 8pm on the 7 August as part of Evenings on Campus.

Some of the science covered will include the neuroscience, genetics and chemistry behind love. How does Oxytocin affect the brain? Is it more than chemicals which allow us to bond more to other human beings? How does the socio-emotional aspect affect oxytocin levels in the brain? Is there a dark aspect of love we are not aware of?

Cafe Scientifique is an activity of the Malta Chamber of Scientists. Sponsors include Sammy’s (by Culinary Forward Malta), Evenings on Campus, University of Malta and Kunsill Kulturali Universitarja.

Entrance is against donation. For every €5, you will get a Free Drink and a chance to Win a Dinner for Two at Sammy’s (by Culinary Forward Malta). Donations will go to the Research Trust of the University of Malta (RIDT)

Science of Love