University Staff Contribution Scheme

Research is becoming one of the key priorities of the University of Malta. The University has augmented its drive to attract funds and strengthen investment in high-calibre research and development through its independent body, the Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT).


A new Staff Contribution Scheme for the University of Malta and Junior College staff members is being launched by the RIDT coming into effect from January 2015. Staff members are encouraged, on a voluntary basis, to make a regular donation of a small amount of money which will be automatically deducted before tax from their salaries.  The monthly donations will go towards more research studies across all faculties and departments.

The new Staff Contribution scheme is being endorsed by three unions that represent the majority of the employees of the University and Junior College. The UMASA (University of Malta Academic Staff Association), MUT and UHM have all shown support for this new scheme and will be encouraging their members to participate.  The UMASA is being the first to strengthen its endorsement of the scheme by donating €1,000 to RIDT.

The University is committed to remain at the forefront of research, be it fundamental exploratory studies or result-driven, applied research, so that development and innovation will continue. Research, however, costs money.

“Our University is becoming an important centre for world-class research projects, across a wide range of disciplines, such as scientific, medical, as well as in humanities and arts. The University also collaborates with other international universities, educational centres and institutes in a number of significant research projects,” said RIDT’s CEO Wilfred Kenely.
“We are beginning to experience support from various sectors of society, but the university consistently needs funds. We are now asking our colleagues, members of our staff, to proudly form part of this contribution scheme to help sustain this noble cause,” said Mr Kenely.

Over the past two years the University of Malta through RIDT has received substantial contributions from NGOs, such as ALIVE Charity Foundation, LifeCycle Malta, Action for Breast Cancer Foundation, Europe Donna, as well as from corporate companies, such as The Alfred Mizzi Foundation, Malta Freeport Terminal, Evolve Limited, FIMBank, Bit8 and others.

Click here to subscribe to the University Staff Contribution Scheme online.