Dr Maxine Anastasi

Dr Maxine Anastasi

Lecturer, Faculty of Arts

Dr Maxine Anastasi is a Lecturer in Roman Archaeology at the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta. She read for a B.A. (Hons) degree (2005-2007) and a Research Masters (2007–2010) in Archaeology at the University of Malta, before completing a D.Phil. in Archaeology at the University of Oxford (2011–2015).

She has participated in a number of the University of Malta’s past excavation projects (The Tas-Silġ Excavation Project, The Għar ix-Xih Excavation Project), and supervises the University’s current training excavations at the Żejtun Roman villa. She forms part of the team studying the Roman pottery from the Anglo-Tunisian excavation at Utica (Tunisia), directed by the University of Oxford, and leads the pottery study of the material from the recent Brock University excavations at the Lago di Venere Punic site on Pantelleria.

Dr Anastasi is leading a new local Research Fund project aimed at studying the characterization of Roman pottery from the Maltese islands (CMCCF) and is a research collaborator for the new RIDT-funded project LARSOCS. She lectures in pottery studies, Punic and Roman archaeology and Fieldwork methods.


LARSOCS – Endless Potential

Selected Publications:

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