Dr Gillian Martin

Dr Gillian Martin

Senior Lecturer, Sociology

Dr Gillian M Martin is a medical sociologist, resident academic at the University of Malta. She came to academia as a mature student after a previous career in Nursing in the UK, and graduated summa cum laude BA philosophy and sociology at the university of Malta, then, with Distinction, MSc Sociology from Manchester University, UK. Her PhD in medical sociology was awarded by the University of Manchester in 2011. She has since been very active in establishing medical sociology as an area of academia and research in Malta, networking through active affiliations with European Sociological Association research network, and the British Sociological Association medical sociology study group.

She has a particular interest in the social and ethical implications of Biobank activities and genomic research and has been a part of the pan-European BBMRI ERIC ELSI team since 2015 where she contributes expertise in social and ethical issues related to biobanking, and is also an executive board member.

Locally, Gillian sits on the University of Malta Faculty of Arts research ethics committee, and acts as point of reference for ELSI issues at the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking.


Selected Publications:

  • HOLUB, P., KOHLMAYER, F., PRASSER, F., MAYRHOFER, M.T., SCHLÜNDER, I., MARTIN, G.M., CASATI, S., KOUMAKIS, L., WUTTE, A. and KOZERA, Ł., 2018. Enhancing Reuse of Data and Biological Material in Medical Research: From FAIR to FAIR-Health. Biopreservation and Biobanking.
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