Dr Antoine Grima

Dr Antoine Grima

Ass. Lecturer, Environment & Resources Law

Dr Antoine Grima read International Relations (European Studies) and law at the University of Malta, and obtained his Masters degree in European Studies from the University of Sussex. Dr Attard is currently working as an assistant lecturer at Environmental and Resource Law Department within the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta.  He is also pursuing his studies at Ph.D. level at the International Maritime Law Institute.

He has been involved, during the EU accession phase, in the transposition of extensive parts of the environment and consumer acquis and in the co-ordination of Malta’s stand during the screening and negotiating stages. He has been actively involved in the Consumer Affairs Task Force which was entrusted to transpose the consumer acquis into Maltese law. During his stint with the regulatory entity responsible for consumer and competition matters he advised on general regulatory matters concerning consumer and competition law and in specific areas notably in agriculture, communications and energy sectors.

In July 2013 Antoine was appointed by the Commission as member of the European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) as representative of Consumer Organisations in Malta. The ECCG is the Commission’s main forum to consult national and European consumer organisations on matters relating to consumer interests.

Prior to this appointment Antoine represented on various instances the Maltese Consumers’ Association abroad most notably in meetings organised by BEUC – The European Consumers’ Organistion.

Research interest: Environmental law, Climate change impact, Law of Baselines, European Law, Consumer law, Regulatory Structures, Treaties concerning Outer Space