Dr Albert Gatt

Dr Albert Gatt

Director, Institute of Linguistics

Dr Albert Gatt currently holds a lectureship in Linguistics and is also the Director of the Institute of Linguistics at the University of Malta. He is additionally Research Associate at the Tilburg centre for Communication and Cognition  (Tilburg University, the Netherlands).

His main areas of research are computational linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics, and semantics. A lot of his work focuses on computational and psychological processes underlying language production and he is engaged in research in Natural Language Generation, a field in which techniques from Computer Science, theoretical linguistics, and psycholinguistics are brought together in the design and implementation of systems to automatically generate Natural Language text from non-linguistic data.

He is the author of a number of papers on formal semantics (especially possessive constructions in Maltese), and on Natural Language Generation.


Research interest: Computational linguistics, Natural language generation, Experimental psycholinguistics, Formal semantics

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