Students Research Contribution Scheme

Being part of the student community of the University of Malta is something to be proud of. This institution traces its origins back to the sixteenth century, and over these eventful years, it has produced men and women who went on to become academics, thinkers, administrators, technocrats and professionals, transforming our country from a barren archipelago into a civilized, developed nation.

Research is the core of every reputable University. Along the years a number of important steps have been taken to ensure that our University remain at the forefront of research, including the strong investments in research facilities, investment in human resources and a drive to encourage students to continue their studies after finishing their first degrees. The University is committed to be such, be it through fundamental exploratory studies or result-driven, applied research; so that development and innovation can continue to grow. But of course, research costs money…

In the past months KSU has been working with the Students’ Maintenance Board Office and the Research, Innovation and Development Trust to create a system where students can contribute a minimum part of their stipend in aid of the research activity which takes place at the University of Malta.

Asking the student community to help contribute for research financially entails nothing short of a major culture change- but a necessary one. We should feel a sense of responsibility towards our alma mater and our society.

Of course, the scheme is totally voluntary, and the amount donated is entirely up to you, starting from a minimum of €1 per month! You may also stop the contribution by filling the Student Research Contribution Scheme form which can be accessed through here.

Forms are to be returned to the KSU Office on campus. Make a difference to this University. No amount is too great or too small, every little bit counts