Digital Marketing

Managing a
digital market place

The intermet has revolutionised the way we live and work. this medium has opened enormous possibilities for individuals and businesses to create and share ideas and knowledge. To test the limits of these vast new opportunities, one researcher at University of Malta is examining the usage and preference of people on social media.

Dr Ana Canhoto, a leading academic in digital maketing, is focusing on customer profiling and customer management as part of her research after assuming the role of ‘Alfred Mizzi Foundation Chair in Digital Marketing’.

The post was established by the Alfred Mizzi Foundation to increase resources in the teaching of digital marketing at the University.

Dr Canhoto is the chair of the Academy of Marketing’s Special Interest Group in Customer Relationship Management and Services Marketing. Currently , she is investigating the use of social media data in customer profiling, as well as how to identify and manage difficult customers, and terminate bad commercial relationships.

She is also particularly interested in the role of digital channels and digital data in enabling organisations to learn more about key customers, as well as enabling targeted interactions.

From theory to practice

The support from Alfred Mizzi Foundation is greatly appreciated. We have been able to strengthen the Department’s academic programme through the engagement of an external academic expert. This has promoted both academic and practical knowledge relevant to digital marketing within existing and future undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as through programmes of executive training. The demand for digital technology skills is increasing and we are working relentlessly to provide quality education that meets the requirements of the digital world.

Prof. Tanya Sammut-Bonnici – Head of the Marketing Department