Our Vision

Two students are reading for their Ph.D. in breast cancer research. A research programme in the genetics of kidney disorders is underway. A fully-equipped mobile dental clinic will be providing a service to the community, while a number of foreign professors are adding value to our existing knowledge base in areas that include digital marketing and economics.

These, and many others, are some of the direct benefits the University of Malta is beginning to reap from the Research Trust. This is the fruit of the contribution of the community of our research activity across the whole spectrum of disciplines.

When we set out on this venture in 2011, we wanted to invite the community to participate in the shaping of the future of our University. Today we are already seeing the first clear indications that the community has accepted this invitation, with an increasing number of individuals, organisations and groups coming forward with their contributions. This in turn is providing huge support to our talented academics and opportunities for our students who wish to pursue further studies in their area of choice. This investment in our country’s brain power is crucial to the functioning of a modern, competitive economy.

The results of the first four years  are very encouraging, but this is just the beginning.

Undaunted by the challenge ahead, we remain optimistic and will play our part in fostering this paradigm shift where research becomes the main driver of Malta’s growth and progress as we reinvent ourselves to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Prof. Juanito Camilleri – Rector, University of Malta;
‘Transforming our future through research’ RIDT 2015.