Malta gets its first cancer research foundation

Malta gets its first cancer research foundation
October 2017 RIDT

Responding proactively to cancer challenges must remain top priority on our national agenda, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said at the launch of the first cancer research entity in Malta.

The Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation is a tripartite collaboration between the President’s Trust, the University of Malta, and the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo.

Thanking all those involved, she especially commended the “hefty” financial support by the President of the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Barone Professore Emmanuele Emanuele, which will translate into a reality the vision of Professor Chris Scerri and the University of Malta.

The idea for the foundation came about in response to a marked increase in cancer rates. There is distressing data, provided by the World Cancer Research Fund, which states that cancer cases in Malta are expected to rise by a “shocking” 49 percent, by 2030, the President said at the launch.

Cancer did not discriminate by age or gender and all of our families and friends have been touched, in some way or another, by the difficulties and strains which cancer diagnoses could bring, she added.

“For this reason, responding in a proactive way to the challenges of cancer must continue to be a top priority on our national agenda,” the President said.

The foundation will not only provide necessary responses after a cancer diagnosis, but also promote research, which hopefully, will help us combat cancer and its attendant risks.

And it will not only supply the much-needed equipment for research, but it will also provide the necessary facilities to support patients during the process of diagnosis, Ms Coleiro Preca noted.

The President added that the foundation would effectively support and promote world-class cancer research by taking the lead, and redirecting important funding opportunities into cancer-related collaboration among national stakeholders.