Hamrun Hanin and Miss Hamrun present donation in support of cancer research at the University of Malta

Hamrun Hanin and Miss Hamrun present donation in support of cancer research
January 2024 Claudette Buttigieg

Ħamrun Ħanin and Miss Ħamrun present donation in support of cancer research

Following a collaborative agreement reached last year, Ħamrun Ħanin and Miss Ħamrun Bethany Ann Grech Spiteri had joined forces to raise awareness on the need for cancer-related research and collected funds for this noble cause.

After the first months of this joint effort, a donation was presented to Mr. Wilfred Kenely, CEO of RIDT, the University of Malta Research Trust.

Ħamrun Ħanin Committee members were invited to the University Campus and toured the research facilities, meeting the staff which is doing tireless and priceless work in the field of cancer research. The support extended to RIDT underscores the unwavering dedication of both Hamrun Hanin and Miss Ħamrun to fortify and uplift the landscape of cancer research within the University of Malta and beyond.

Through this collaboration, Ħamrun Ħanin and Miss Ħamrun have not only raised funds but have also fostered meaningful connections between the community and the cancer research sphere, with Ħamrun Ħanin seeking to raise awareness with vital information about cancer prevention, early detection, and available resources.

Following the presentation of this donation, Ħamrun Ħanin chairman Ian Debattista said: “We are proud to be associated with the University of Malta and to be able to support as best as we can the efforts towards cancer research. Too many lives are lost from this cruel disease – and if we can do our little bit to support change, then we will continue doing it. Our ultimate commitment is to join forces with other football clubs in the community as we are confident that together we can achieve more”.

Mr Kenely said that “this serves as a splendid example of community backing for cancer research, showcasing how sports and voluntary efforts can contribute to addressing social concerns. The RIDT expresses profound gratitude to Ħamrun Ħanin and Ms. Bethany Ann Grech Spiteri for their generosity and invaluable support.”

Miss Ħamrun, who is contesting this year’s Miss Malta event, added: “When I started my journey as a contestant of Miss Malta my goal was to initiate a campaign to promote cancer research awareness.  Working together with Hamrun Hanin made this a reality and also ensures continuity of this initiative beyond my term as Miss Hamrun.”

Prof Godfrey Grech, a leading cancer researcher at the University of Malta added: “Cancer research is a challenging endeavour.  Our projects are well recognised internationally and these initiatives by Miss Hamrun and Ħamrun Ħanin expose our commitment and passion to fight against this disease, focusing on early detection and better therapies and its management.”