"Riċerkaturi" back on Campus 103.7 FM

“Riċerkaturi” back on Campus 103.7 FM
October 2023 Claudette Buttigieg



We are thrilled to announce that Wilfred Kenely, the esteemed CEO of the Research, Innovation, and Development Trust of the University of Malta (RIDT), is back with the highly anticipated “Riċerkaturi” radio interview series on Campus 103.7 FM! This series promises to be a captivating journey into the world of research, showcasing the incredible work being done at the University of Malta.


“Riċerkaturi” is a platform where Wilfred Kenely engages with some of the University’s finest researchers across various fields, providing listeners with a fascinating glimpse into their ground-breaking projects and discoveries. Whether you’re interested in science, technology, the arts, or social sciences, this series offers something for everyone.



The University of Malta is renowned for its dedication to pioneering research, and through these interviews, you’ll get to hear directly from the top minds behind the latest innovations and studies. “Riċerkaturi” serves as a bridge between the academic world and the general public, making complex research accessible and engaging to all.


Stay tuned to Campus 103.7 FM every Monday at 18.00 (with a repeat every Friday at 12.30) and don’t miss a single episode of “Riċerkaturi.” Join us in celebrating the brilliant minds shaping our future through their dedication to research and innovation. Wilfred Kenely and his guests are sure to inspire, educate, and leave you in awe of the incredible world of academic discovery.