Wellbee's - Donate Your Points to RIDT

RIDT is constantly looking for different collaborations to raise funds for research across all areas at the University of Malta. We work tirelessly on new ideas on how to bring university research closer to the community.

The current Welbee’s Supermarket campaign is a case in point. It is not just a strong campaign, it is an ongoing commitment which brings together customer loyalty and philanthropy. Customers can accumulate points from one or any combination of the eight franchised supermarkets. The points from each different supermarket are added to the customers’ loyalty card account and the total sum can be exchanged from any outlet of preference or given as a donation through the Welbee’s Supermarket app.

RIDT benefits from these points and sees this scheme as a fundraiser as well as an awareness campaign. Welbee’s Supermarket customers are encouraged to shop and donate their points to RIDT.

You can donate your points by clicking on the link below and choosing “Donations” and “RIDT”. Remember, every point counts!